Tour De Yorkshire – Event Photography – For Local Authority BMBC

Since the Tour De France first passed through Barnsley back in 2014 I have covered the events in the lead up and around the Grand Depart and Tour De Yorkshire races for Barnsley Council.

Barnsley are a very forward thinking council when it comes to events and creativity, they understand the value that large events bring with them and also the value of good documentation around this to show the world how great Barnsley really is.

As I  grew up in Barnsley it really makes me proud that the council are this way and that they shout about the how good the town is. Growing up the place had a less than good reputation and was seen as a mucky mining town and BMBC are doing a great job dispelling that reputation to show Barnsley at it’s best, and I’m proud to be part of that.

I thought in the run up to this years Tour De Yorkshire Race I’d share the images and events I was involved in Last year. Some of which feature in the In Gear Tour De Yorkshire souvenir book

I’ve just shot my 1st event for BMBC for this years race and I’m booked for race day and we’re looking at where I can get to to cover the day, I think it’s going to be a motorbike day so I can cover a couple of Locations… Should be a great fun day as usual and the events team at BMBC will put on a great start to Stage 2 of this years race.

Hope to see you at the race and maybe I’ll get a snap of you cheering on the riders? – Or Pushing them up a hill! 😉