Hello, I'm Timm.

This is the about me bit and the journey I've had to get me here working with awesome folks like you.

It all started in my late teens in 91. I was stuck on the dole after a few awkward life choices and wanted to do some training to get me out of where I was. I'd always imagined my self doing something creative but it was music up to that point. It was when a friend of mine got a place at Stradbroke college that I started to look at what they had to offer and saw their photography course.  Smitten with the creativity that the medium offered along with the technical side of developing, chemicals and darkrooms, I signed up and started that September.  During my first class, our lecturer showed us some SLR Cameras, how they worked and how to load them. He then said "Go out and take some photos... of ANYTHING. Just make them interesting".

That freedom of creativity to look at things in a different light fired me up and over the next few months, I learned and honed my skills and photographic style. I soon had work published in local music papers combining my two passions, Music and Photography.

My next move was a complete accident, I started working for bands not as a photographer but as a sound engineer.  I completely changed paths although I never gave up taking photos and still had my own darkroom in my flat, it was a passion that never left my heart.

My career in music has lasted over 20 years, taken me all over the world and allowed me to work with some of the greatest bands, artists and festivals as a sound engineer, tour manager and production/event manager with artists and events such as Tramlines Festival, The Last Shadow Puppets, The Darkness, The Subways, Rocket From The Crypt, Reverend and the Makers, Richard Hawley and Arctic Monkeys. There's a full list here if you're interested.

My years on the road took their toll on me and my family and in 2009, I decided I could no longer spend 9 months of every year away from them and so set up Timm Cleasby Photography.  Starting out, I was unsure of what areas of photography I wanted to concentrate on and so I tried all aspects and it didn't take very long to realise commercial and business photography were where I want to be. I really enjoy creating interesting images from all aspects of industry and business.

And so to today... I've built a fantastic list of clients and it's growing month on month and I love my job and working with the incredible folks on that list.