The staff at the university of Sheffield love a good professional portrait! We were back yet again to shoot these staff members some interesting headshots. At the university were spoilt for choice with beautiful locations such as Firth court, Western park and even the staff members offices, there is so many great locations to choose from! It’s always funny when we speak to a client regarding this style of portraiture, they often say they want this style but have no locations to create images like these. You’d be amazed by what we can make a beautiful background out of, even the dullest locations can be transformed with interesting lighting techniques and a few props! And as we have said many times at Timm Cleasby Photography, we love a challenge and any opportunity to get our creative juices flowing! So please don’t be put off from booking in with us for your interesting professional portrait because you think you don’t have a location that looks good enough! Leave that side of things to us.