Photography Art for AMRC prototyping centre

I’ve quite a keen interest in engineering on a very basic level, I trained as a VW / Audi technician as a lad and have always loved taking things to bits to see how they work (They often stayed that way too :-)) so when I got a call from the folks at the prototyping centre at the AMRC between Sheffield and Rotherham, It’s pretty much on the border of the two, I was very excited to see what they had in store.

They wanted some of the projects they are working on / had worked on to be photographer in a creative way so they could create some art works for their office walls. Needless to say I jumped in the car and went and met with them to get a better idea of what they wanted. After a quick safety chat we had a tour of the facilities and they showed me a few items they wanted shooting.

They gave me full creative freedom as to how to shoot the items and so I let my imagination run pretty free within the confines of their space and I love the shots. There’s a few I can’t show as they have sensitive parts in them but the ones I can show off look awesome. I need to take a trip back there and get some shots of them in stile but for now here are a few of the shots.