In our partnership with Bailey of Sheffield we set out to create a series of lifestyle product shoots that showed the jewellery versatility. After working with Bailey closely we decided to focus on key aspects of the brands products that we wanted to showcase. Our first concept was based around the fact that the products are all water proof. The brand thought if we showed their clients that the jewellery can get wet then it would put a lot of common questions to bed. We could have gone simple and just showed the product in the rain, showed or a sink… but where’s the fun in that!? When the team at Bailey mentioned British diver, Freddie Woodward, our creative minds went crazy! The shoot did not disappoint, to see Freddie dive was amazing and the products didn’t look to shabby either! Overall, both the team at the studio and the team at Bailey of Sheffield, are over the moon with these images. Luckily for us this is just the first of many interesting and exciting lifestyle product shoots we have planned! Keep tuned to see some more great shots.


Thanks, Timm.