At our home, Smithfield Studios, we love the arts and we love community, so we are thrilled to be able to offer our space to local groups for creative projects.

Currently we are home to Anomaly Life Drawing classes on Tuesday evenings. Anomaly are a creative life drawing business based in Sheffield. Their collective aim is to explore, encourage and expose your creative flow, each week is influenced by a different artist and we welcome them to the Smithfield Creative Hub. Anomaly ran at our old studios in Kelham and we are thrilled to be their home again in our new space.

They say:

“Life drawing is a brilliant gateway into developing techniques and skill in drawing and to unravel and delve into your inner creativity and expression which can be applied to any creative platform and your daily life. In addition to this we ran a weekly themed life drawing class in Kelham Island, feedback received from these classes expressed Anomaly’s positive impact in people’s lives from body positivity, creative development to mindfulness.” Classes are on a bookable basis, find out more here.


Run by Liah Edwardes, an artist, and events manager. Her main creative passions are coordinating art-based classes and collaborating through these. She founded Anomaly Life Drawing and Dog Life Drawing.

“Line drawing was really the first medium I fell in love with. I very quickly became more intrigued and obsessed with the immediacy of continuous line drawings. I enjoy experimenting with repeated images, compositions and mixed media to create unfamiliar artworks.”

anomaly life drawing class sheffield

Life Drawing has been centre of almost all Liah’s personal work and events. Her passion for the human form stems from life drawing classes in her college education. Which she describes as one of the places she felt really comfortable in, a place to slow down from chaotic life and focus. Life drawing has enabled Liah to see past the elements of creating a ‘perfect piece of art’ and breakdown the form before her. She blends this outlook into her teaching by creating a non-pressure environment for people to explore their creativity and techniques.  Find Liah on instagram here.

anomaly life drawing class sheffield


​If you are looking for a creative space for your group, then get in touch to let us know more about your project on we would love to hear from you.



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