We are thrilled to host the brilliant artist James Brunt at his first Sheffield exhibition of 2021.

Opening on Friday 24th September 2021 from 7-10pm, you are welcome to come along to view his latest photography exhibition, meet and chat with the artist. The exhibition will continue on Saturday and Sunday, 25th and 26th September from 10am-5pm where his work will be available to buy.

James Brunt artist


James Brunt studied Fine Art at the Byam Shaw School of Art in London. He is now a world renowned land artist working with natural and found materials. From rock balancing, to sand art, leaf mandalas to stone circles, James creates ethereal images from his temporary art pieces. James’ work is transient in every sense, with arrangements created over the course of a day, sometimes lasting only minutes after completion before the process of reclamation by the natural world begins.

He says, “I was introduced to the work of a stone artist by a friend, who’d told me about his ‘magic’. Seeing the intricacies of his work led me to delve further into the art form and I quickly became part of a growing global community of practitioners. At the same time, I’d started to work with a photographer devising natural and playful activities to encourage children to embrace creativity. These two events fuelled my own growing passion for working outdoors, both with children through the Forest Schools I now run, and as an artist. Inspired by the connection to my surroundings and challenge of working with the elements.”

James has worked all over the world, his art being displayed at the Llano Earth Art Festival in Texas. He can often be found making art on the coastlines of the UK and he was also featured on the ITV Creates project. He also runs the art collective Responsible Fishing.

You can find us at Smithfield Studios, 30 Cross Smithfield, Sheffield, S3 7AU

For more information email info@smithfieldstudios.co.uk