For the readers who aren’t familiar with Sheffield’s rich history I am going to give you a bit of insight to the famous, Park Hill flats. Park Hill is a classic council housing estate built between 1957 – 1961, close to the heart of Sheffield city centre. In 1998, the flats were given a Grade 2 listed building status. A popular reason people know the flats, as well as their multiple TV appearances, is for a piece of graffiti that still warms the hearts of passers-by to this day. “Clare Middleton I love you will u marry me” was sprayed across one of the bridges that link the two blocks, the graffiti was the subject of a documentary to find the story behind the question, it was broadcast on BBC Radio 4 in 2011. Following a period of decline, the estate is currently being renovated by developers, Urban Splash. The renovations of the flats have been underway for a several years now, the estate is said to reach completion in 2021. In the spirit of celebrating Sheffield’s past, homage has been paid to the graffiti artist as you can now see “I love you will you marry me” in neon lights where the graffiti once was.

We were invited by Urban Splash, the development company with the renovation job at hand, to photograph a small event they had set up. At the event you could find photography and stories showcasing the past of Park Hill and their work in renovating the estate.

As a proud Sheffielder and someone who has strong links with the estate, I will be following the renovation of the flats and can’t wait to see the finish product. Follow Urban Splash on Social media for updates.