Over recent years the University of Sheffield have invited me along to their Varsity events to document the variety of sports, competitors and their supportive spectators. It’s great to see the amount of enthusiasm the students put into the vast Varity of sports and the passion that can be seen amongst teammates and fellow competitors. It is also good to see how less sporty students still get involved in the events in aspects such as event management and catering as well as being amazing spectators, its due to the spectators that each event always has such a nail-biting aspect even when I am supporting both teams.

The first day of varsity showcased women’s rugby, followed by men’s rugby and I was also able to see the Cheerleading squad preform. As always I was blown away by what I saw and am looking forward to heading back in 2019 to capture even more aspects of the event!

Check out the fixtures for 2019 and see what other sports you could see, here, go show your support!


Cheers, Timm.