Buildings Photography for Barnsley Council

Quite often I’ll be given a brief and sent on my way to capture specific images for projects, reports, archive and a whole bunch or other reasons. This time it was for Barnsley council and the brief was to go out around the town and capture images of certain buildings, monuments, structures etc.

I do enjoy jobs like these as the briefs can be either very tight with specific images in mind or quite loose with me being supplied a location and the brief “Take some interesting photos”

This job was a mix of the two and I really loved it, It allowed me to take some time to look at the structures and identify some interesting features and shoot away but also had specifics that they wanted as well.

I had to do some research for most of the locations as I was just given a name or a place and I had to find where it was and what it looked like.

Anyway here’s some of the photos from the day.