CAA Approved, PFCO holder and fully insured, I’m ready for your aerial, UAV, drone photography projects.

I do love technology and when I saw the emergence of drones as a photography tool a few years ago I jumped in… and was not super impressed with the quality if I’m honest and the drones were tough to operate and get decent footage so I left it for a while.

Finally the tech has caught up somewhat and I’ve researched the legalities of flying a drone (Yep you have to be legal and approved to operate a drone for commercial puropses) and now having been through the training, attended flight school, been issued with my Permission for commercial operations (PFCO) from the CAA and had a fair few flying hours under my belt I’m able to offer aerial, UAV, drone photography and video services along side my more traditional photography services.

I’m super excited at the potential of what can be achieved with these things I can’t wait to get stuck in to projects.

I’ve included some images below and a couple of videos that I’ve done with my arts company Responsible Fishing

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