Our studio is home to photographer Timm Cleasby and studio manager Sam Cleasby.

Based in Sheffield, our studio has over 1000 square feet of shooting space, infinity cove and state of the art lighting and equipment.

We are a friendly, independent Sheffield creative business and we look forward to working with you on your next project.

Our Kit.

We're a little obsessed by cameras and so our kit list varies from some of the latest tech to some very old collectable cameras.

Day to day, Timm use's Sony Professional bodies & lenses

We also have a large collection of lighting and  modifiers (Soft boxes, beauty dishes, brollies) and a variety of custom painted and Paper backdrops with stands / hanging brackets

Now for the old stuff, We still have Timm's original Pentax ME super and we also have a Hassleblad 500c from the late 1950's that is just a beautiful camera. It's 80mm 2.8 lens is just stunning.

There is also a growing collection of vintage cameras from all eras and countries that we love and display around the studio and our home.